No Sales? Not Happy With Your Website's Performance?

In spite of putting in efforts and being patient, your website still not doing well....?

If your site does not generate orders and inquiries for you its natural for you to feel cheated and disappointed. have you tried to find an answer to as to as to why is your website not performing or working for you? Well, the answer is, because you are not working for it! If you think you are, then something somewhere is not happening right.

Your Old Story:

Your site has been live for a while, you've spent time, money, efforts, have shown enough patience, and yet there is no sign of visitors, orders, or enquiries. And this is getting you worried.

Most of us are under the impression that as soon as our websites go live, we will start getting orders and enquiries, but when it does not happen we feel disappointed, the emotional lot feels duped.

The NEW Story

There is no need to feel disheartened over the performance of your site, because change is within reach and in your control. I am going to teach you to look at your website objectively, take a detached view of it from a distance. Identify the problems, understand the underlying causes behind them and attempt solutions.

I can offer help, and you can change the situation, provided you are willing to make an effort.

Things to know:

A design is something that you can see. What you can't see is of greater importance, and that is - what will make the site work? You have to know whether the site has been designed according to SE rules or not? Is the content relevant and compelling? Is your site optimized? Is it being marketed? Are you keeping an eye on statistics and tweaking to optimize the effect? If you or the hired professional is not doing it, you have a long way to go.

Let's Take the First Step - Identifying the Problem

Listed below is a set of questions. If all your answers are `Yes', click the link to the next page.

Is it true that:

You've spent quite an amount getting your site designed

The website is not performing (generating orders / enquiries) as expected

As and when designer asked for inputs you complied

You did get involved at designing stage

You always listened to the designer and never interfered with his work

The website has been up for a few months (or years)

You don't understand the internet beyond a point

You assumed that whatever the designer had done was all that there was to it

You want your site to do well but don't know what to do, and whom to trust

If you agree with the above, click on the next link and let’s answer a few more questions. We are getting there....

Understanding What Needs to Be Done on Your Site to Improve its Performance Online

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