Stage – II No Visitors on Your Website

If Your Website Does Not Get Visitors, May Be You Are Not Marketing It Properly

The main purpose of your website is to earn you more orders & revenue. However, if your site doesn't get visitors, whom will you earn your revenue from? How will you grow?

This brings us to our next problem. Your site is getting crawled regularly, but you aren't seeing that many visitors. The situation is worrying you, and you don't know what to do next, where to go, and most crucial, whom to trust. Your patience is beginning to wear out.

Why is my site not receiving visitors in spite of being crawled?

When a spider visits the site and indexes it, in a way it approves of its status and gives green signal for its ranking.

Is My Site Blacklisted?

There can be a small complication at indexing stage. If during the visit, spider finds something amiss or illegal on the site, it blacklists or bans it. If this happens it is a highly critical spot for the owner of the site to be in.

How Will I Come To Know About It?

10% of the time webmaster receive notice of ban, 90% of the times they don’t. They come to know of it only when their site doesn't show any movement for an extended period of time.

The status of banned site does not change until the website owner resolves and uploads the cleaned-up and revised version of the site, and spider indexes it afresh & okays it. 

Types of Mistakes For Which Sites Are Banned

There are two types of offence. One, that are extremely serious and no matter how quickly you correct them or justify your innocence, your site won't be accepted back to compete.

In this case, getting a new domain and starting everything afresh is the best solution. It does call for a fresh round of hard work and investment of money, but there is little else you can do. This is why so much emphasis is laid on hiring the right guys for the job.

However the second type of mistakes happen due to oversight and such sites will be considered by spiders. After making corrections to the site, and a fresh round of indexing, the site will go back to being treated like any other normal site.  

Spiders use state of the art technology & are programmed to differentiate between the two offenses.

Other Reaons For Not Getting Visitors- Not Marketing It Effectively

There are many reasons other than a ban that lead to a site for not getting its share of visitors. Once the spider approves of your site, you should focus your energies on marketing it. This will improve your site's reach and visibility. Before you start marketing make sure that you have optimized it for right key phrases.

Whether it is SEO or marketing, both mainly involve developing and publishing content at various relevant places. Once you start this, you will be on your way to both - reaching out and drawing customers from various places across the net.

Size of Website Vis-à-vis Its Reach

When the spider pays a visit on your site, the deeper you allow it to reach into site, the more number of pages it will index.

The more, well written, optimized, and well placed pages a spider manages to index; the better will be the visibility of a site.  

If your site has fewer pages its chances of finding the audience reduces, especially compared with sites in similar niche with more number of pages. More pages mean more information.

Visitors may find your site in several ways.

Your Site Up Comes in The Seraches: If your site has lot of pages, optimized for different yet related keywords or phrases, your site may directly come up in the searches for your keywords. This is the best way to reach your audience. On the strength of your own content, you are face to face with him directly, without anyone in between.

Live Links Of Your Site on Other Sites: Second way for a visitor to find you is when he finds live links of your site on somebody else’s site and clicks on it. This means, the more number of links your site can obtain on other relevant sites, better are the chances that visitors on them will find it and may decide to visit your site.

Placing links on other’s sites is part of marketing campaign, which you can do yourself or hire an internet marketer to do it for you.

Using Social Networking Platforms: You can also use various social networking platforms to spread a word about your business, and draw many visitors via them too. They are very powerful mediums provided you take them seriously and learn to use them effectively.

I know several people who have struck gold mines by being active just on one platform. I know for sure that nothing comes close to LinkedIn, when it’s business networking.

These are some of the ways to get closer to your audience, if you can think of more,  do share with us. It will help our readers options to explore more mediums and go with what suits their business and temperament best.

Now after doing this exercise or otherwise, if you feel that your problem is not of getting visitors, its more to do with how to keep them longer on your site, encourage them to spend a little longer with you, get to know about you, your product, and your services, then you ought not miss our next post.

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