How you hire me to write your web content....

When you contact me to discuss content writing work for your business, the sequence of communication is quite typical. Some discussions last a while, and some are quicker depending on size of website and marketing plan. Typically, the initial discussion focuses area and scope of work; 2nd phase of discussion takes us towards finality, revolving around defining the the exact nature and scope of work, budget, time frame of assignment etc.

Initial Communication: This is generally the phase when I do a lot of listening, guaging how your business runs, your professional goals; your customers' profile, your approach so far, your expectations of a copywriter and so on. This is also the time when I assess nature and size of project, type of content (B2B or B2C) am expected to write. Based on all these I commit a tentative time-frame and project cost. I send you report which includes the exact scope of work, time frame and financials. If you approve of everything, the dotted line is signed and we take the next step.

Advanced Communication: At this stage the gear shifts. Communication becomes more focused and business centric. Your inputs give me an insight into your business. Based on all the information I have through your inputs and my own reserach, I create strategies to promote your business on the net.

I Research The Niche: Some more home work. I observe your market and its dynamics, potential audience, competitors etc. If available I also study real time visitor data. Your inputs are also critical. All these help to develop an effective online marketing strategy for your business.

Whether I have to write B2B copy or B2C copy for you, the final objective is to create buyers out of visitors. For which I create a copy as compelling as I can keeping the audience in mind.

I study all the printed material related to the product that you may have, from catalogue, brochures, to press releases, internal memos, marketing plans for understand your product and its marketing, its existing position in the market. If need be I also get in touch with potential customers, stockists etc. All this helps me to come up with the core message for your site, which is in sync with the business goal.

I'm never in a rush or compromise my research, I never embroider patterns using complex phrases to sound impressive and intimidating to make up for my lack of understanding of the subject or research. I know from experience that such copy won't succeed in convincing the audience to take action.

Understanding Customer Psyche: After understanding the product and business it is easier to understand customer psyche, and why and when he will need your product. I ask clients all sorts of questions to understand the product, learn about its advantages, the USP that will compel a client to choose your product over others and many such questions.

This step also helps me arrive at keywords, phrases, and lingo that your customer is likely to type or use while searching for your product.

Encourage Client Involvement:Based on the above information I start creating content. I involve my client when required. Keeping the entrepreneur in loop eases the process.

I send several absorbing headlines' options. Based on his feedback I fine-tune it further. Once he finalises it, I create body copy. When rough draft of my body copy reaches client's desk, he kind of has an idea, what's coming. So fine-tuning the body copy and getting an approval is relatively easy. I alter the copy until the client feels satisfied and approves of it.

My Charges:

It's difficult to quote one price various types of assignments that I undertake because every niche comes with its own challenges, research needs, and demands a different length of time. However one of the criteria for quoting a price is number of pages I am required to create & number of hours it is going to consume.

I am an affordable consultant and writer. So while I sell my services, I do not sell my price. I've worked very hard to learn the craft, and work even harder to create content to help your business grow. I quote what's fair and deserving.

I have mentioned elsewhere on this site that I charge only for my services and experience, not overheads; and that I work from home, and I don't work with a team, nor pay office rent.

Work Ethics: I work on limited number of projects at a time to be able to concentrate on the job at hand without worrying, manipulating, compromising or multi-tasking. I respond to my client's emails within eight hours max (considering that we might be in different time zones). While I am working with a client, I like to be available whenever required. I never miss my deadline.

I enjoy working with people who are serious and focused about growing their business online; and are ready to understand the role and value of well worded content. I find it difficult to work with people who have unreasonable expectations or are overtly demanding.

When the client keeps me in loop regarding performance of the website/blog I value his inputs a great deal. If I am working with him on retainer-ship, I also suggest new ideas or improvements from time to time to help the business grow and reach a wider audience.

That's more or less of what you will also experience if you hire my services.

You can get in touch with me via e mail to discuss your options or call.


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