Publish Press Releases to Promote Your Business

Press releases help entrepreneurs announce newsworthy happenings about business. Press releases could cover a launch (or re-launch) of product or website, an upcoming exhibition, winning an award, starting new office or showroom, etc. It's an effective way to create a buzz about your company amongst your potential customers. It gives your business an instant lift and surge of traffic. For best results, time it right, word it right, and target it right!

There are many publications off-line and online which will publish press releases for you free of cost, provided it's within their guidelines. And it's very easy to go about getting it done. All you do is prepare one and hand it over to the editorial team of the journal, publication, or online media platform. It's a powerful and economical way to get your product/service some media attention. You can also use the links where your press release has been published on your website's media page.

Writing and publishing press releases is a part of a larger marketing plan. A professional marketing agency or freelancer can deliver the job well, in a more planned manner. If you want to discuss content of a press release or want to get it written, email or talk to me. My phone number is at the top RHS of this page. Let's discuss how best we can use it for your business.

Let's discuss various options for creating effective and newsworthy press releases for business as well as personal ventures that will give your company an instant recognition.

(A press release is written document created in the third party, specific format that gives an impression of news. It's then submitted to an online media (PR website), to a print media like newspaper or editor of a magazine (by email, fax or hand delivery) requesting to publish the same in their media.

It is done with an objective of getting instant publicity for an individual or group of people, an event, a service or product. The press release can either be created by the interested party or by a professional writer.

As an experienced writer for various online media I know how to extract and ensure maximum mileage and impact out of press releases. Having been in the field for so many years, I know what works with the online audience, & how messages can be created and conveyed in the most effective manner.

Right from creating the most attention grabbing headline to weaving a tight body copy, and finishing just in time to set the reader free, is where an experienced web content writer's expertise can be seen.

Besides writing press releases for your product or services I can also help to get them published on several important platforms. If you want I can also provide you with a list of sites that will carry them. If you want extra publicity you can publish them at many other places on your own.

Through a well written & publicized press release you do not only spread a word about your business, but also build an image and credibility for it. To discuss it further send me an email

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