Want to Write Your Own Web Content?

We'll discuss how you can develop content for your own website or blog.

Whether you're planning to launch a website/blog, or already have one - if you wish to write your own content, this post will prepare you for it.

Before you get on with it, understand the following,

Writing an answer sheet, a letter, a story, or an essay, AND writing for the web are two different genres of writing. The latter requires a different kind of understanding that includes, besides understanding of the world wide web, also how search engines work, how online audience think or percieve, what triggers or puts them off, and more.

When you set out to write a novel, story, or an essay, your reader expects great words, art, beauty, a certain rhythm, the imagery, and may be some wordsmithy. However, in web content writing, the reader doesn't care about beauty & artistry. S/he is simply interested in getting an answer, solving the problem as quickly and accurately as possible.

This doesn't mean that web content doesn't need to be creative or presented well. While creating web content the solutions have to shine through the copy. No big words & complex sentences. If what you write fails to connect, influence, or persuade your audience, there's some learning left.

While writing content you also have to take it into account that as a visitor reaches your site, chances are that he'll also be chatting online, updating his status on social media, or may be in the office in a meeting, amidst colleagues, talking on his cell phone, ...all at once. In this kind of an environment, as a web copy writer you have to ensure that your copy is able to grab his attention. Cut through this noise with your words, that's HOW powerful the words have to be.

Other than that you'll also have to understand how internet works; how spiders & SE algorithms evaluate a website, Google's guidelines for writing web content, and so on. If you understand all this, you can create your own web content.

A professional and experienced web copywriter helps you to identify & define your audience; and create a message that'll go down well with them. A well written, optimized copy gets your site to rank better, draw better traffic, fetch more inquiries, and get more conversions.

Read this Content Writing Guide to come up with better content. Also, stay away from these content traps.

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