How to Maintain Content Freshness? Part -1

When it comes to ranking your site or blog and sending traffic its way, Google weighs freshness of content very seriously. And the best way to maintain content freshness is by adding new content on your site or blog as often as possible.

This will help your site get indexed more frequently, and more often that the spider visits your site the better it is for your ranking, credibility, and traffic.

But the big question is, "is adding content so consistently practically possible?"

If your site is news related or seasonal in nature then there are chances that you will have something newsworthy to report and publish on a day to day basis, everyday, every hour, or for a seasonal website, during the season. But if the subject of your site is such that such frequent updates are not possible (which is the case with majority of sites or blogs), then how do you manage to remain fresh in the eyes of spider?

Let's discuss it.

Publishing one fresh post a day is enough for your site to remain in the SE reckoning.

But, as a content writer with even basic SEO sense, do you really think it is possible to come up with new, unique, informative, and interesting post EVERYDAY? First few days are going to look fine but soon you will notice the quality slipping. The zing will go amiss, overall quality will slip and with that the grip will be lost.

So for the long run this not a good option, unless you have a team of expert writers working on your site or blog, then there is a chance that the strategy will survive, but this again is not a feasible option in the long run.

For long run therefore the best solution is to go slow, add content weekly may be, but not to let the quality suffer. Well researched, well worded, well edited, tightly weaved optimized posts are irreplaceable.

A few days after having published the posts, go through them again to add finishing touches, check relevancy of interlinking and anchor texts etc. Tweak the headline, if need be. When you take it up after a few days of having published it, you can judge your post more objectively.

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