Website Analysis & Content Consultancy

These are tools that evaluate the strength of your site or blog .

Website Analyses & Content Consultancy services are availed of by people whose sites and blogs aren't generating any business for them, and they want to know how they can set things right and be a part of the main-lane.

Content analyses is the first step in setting your site or blog in order if you are serious about making it work for you. Its important that you hire an expert to get your site analyzed so that you know where exactly the problems are. Becuase if someone misleads you at this stage, you will never be able to build a business online.

Content Analysis is a research exercise involving study of existing content on your site or a blog, which is evaluated on the basis of nature of your product or services, your prospect's profile and psyche, geographic location, market environment & trend, competitors, language is scanned and so on. The person specializing in this job is known as a Content Analyst.

Similarly a Website Analyst who has technical knowledge about website and its programming performs check on your website from within and outside.

A professional expert takes snapshots of your existing site before starting work or incorporating changes on your site or blog. They are archived for future reference.

An anayst checks everything from hosting service, site-speed, to designing glitches that may be stopping the spiders from indexing and ranking the site.

Once site's hardware is in order, content is analyzed. Are the meta tags created accurately? Is the content created with product or prospect in mind? Is it leading the potential client well? Are the action buttons or words in place? Is the headline conveying benefit? Is the body content engaging and informative, or flowery or complex and boring from reader's point of view, etc?

An analyst sometimes has to take baby steps and check the content line-wise, paragraph-wise, page-wise, because wrong sequence can hurt CTR. Similarly negative statement in your product description can convey a wrong impression.

After analyzing the site the Analyst sends out a report that includes present status of website, its impact on success, steps involved to resolve the issues, time frame within which solutions can be implemented, and cost involved. Some analysts may offer this report free of cost, while others may charge.

If you want to get your site or blog analyzed to know why it is not performing, send in your URL along with a brief note. I will reply as soon as I can.


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