Types of Web Content Writing Service offered Here

List of different types of content writing services I offer.

I offer several types of marketing copy writing services - web content, general copywriting, blog posts, email campaigns and so on. You can go through the list of all the services I offer. To save time, see the list on your right. Click on the relevant link to know more.

Entreprenuers may hire content writers for many reasons. Some may not have the time, some may not know how to write within SEO guidelines, some of you may not be sure about presentation skills, some of you may feel that a seasoned copy-writer would bring something more effective to the table, some my be advised by superiors to outsource, want your site to come across as more professional, improve call to action ratio etc.

Whatever be your reason, you can hire my services. Talk to me or send an email.

Below are the formats I can help you with. Content strategy will come into play if you decide to use combination of these channels to promote your business on the net.

Start-up Consultancy: If you’ve recently launched or are about to launch your business or personal website and need help regarding choosing domain name, hosting space, site’s content architecture, number of pages your site should initially have, defining purpose and focus of your website; use of apps, tools & elements to enhance sales, etc…you can brief me about things you want to discuss and I'll help you.

Content Audit:If you already have a site with or without content but it doesn’t drive business as expected, I can audit various aspects of your website and submit a report as to why it isn't performing and how the situation can be improved.

Content for Static Website: If you’ve just launched your website but think that the existing content is not quite cutting it; OR you have a website promoting your business/concept online, but would like a professional to review it as it’s not driving the business you expected, we can get cracking....

Content For eCommerce website: You have an e-Store that offers product catalogue, online buying, selling, & payment etc; this calls for a slightly different type of content.

Blog Posts: : Blogging is a great way to add content to your main website from outside, without cluttering your main site. Blog works both ways; you can blog to reach out to your customers directly; or as a promotional tool for your main website. I can help you in both situations by developing a series of effective blog posts that’ll improve your ranking, traffic, credibility, and revenue. Send an email to discuss how we can use this channel to improve your reach & finding new opportunities for your business.

Content for Email Marketing:: If you want to get your business message across a large section of existing and potential clients quickly, email marketing will work very well. You can talk about any topic from new product launch, website re-launch, new stock to discounts, seasonal offers etc….

Direct Mailers: This is the quickest and most effective way to get in touch with a potential client to discuss business. If you have email id of your potential buyer you can seek his permission and send a business-focused, customized email with your offer. When client receives such an email, discussing business, it improves customer loyalty and the odds in your favor.

Newsletters: This one’s for the market savvy entrepreneurs having a long term marketing plan, who want to build a community etc. Sending newsletters is a great method to keep your brand alive; build a following; fetch long term returns; and get word-of-mouth referrals. Weekly or quarterly, they’re by far the best means to maintain an ongoing connection with prospects & existing customers.

e-Book writing: An e-Book (a free download or paid) on your site will give visitors a reason to stay. It’s your opportunity to share your expertise, your original, fresh ideas to solve your customer’s problem. It’s a 100% credible way to establish yourself and your business online. An eBook is your asset that you will be able to use as you like in the interest of your business.

Content For Brochures: If created well, brochures are amongst the most effective & primary promotional tools for a business. On-site they make for a useful downloadable-freebee for visitors; off-line printed brochures work well in a traditional set-up.

Content for Wedding Website:: This one time website is a rather new concept that families are very swift on the uptake. They come up with interesting & innovative ideas with combination of images, audio, video, text, captions, etc to create the ambiance they think will make the whole thing look good and give a new angle to the celebrations…

Marketing Articles: :If you have a website or an e-Store selling business idea, concept, or products online; marketing articles are tools that enhance SEO to promote your business. It improves brand awareness and builds ROI.

Sales Copy: Sales copy helps you to convey your business message succinctly to your target audience at large or to a specific set. The format could be traditional (simple letter) or advanced; web content or newsletter; sales copy takes your message home.

Social Media Profile: If anyone Googles your name in the searches, Social Media profiles happens to be amongst the first few links that appears against your name. In other words, through our Social Media Profile, we create our 1st impression online. Keeping this in mind, poor profile can be a disaster for our business… Read why LinkedIn Profile is so important...

Press Releases: This one’s for entrepreneurs who want to leave no channels un-tapped to promote their business – online or off line! A press release is a news-story that works very effectively as an additional channel. If you have any interesting or informative news about your business that you’d like to share with your potential and existing customers, press release is a great vehicle. Have a great story? Optimize it before publishing it to ensure that it travels fast!

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