Web Writings & Consultancy Services I Offer

List of content writing & other services I offer.

I carry out Content Audit to help you identify flaws in your existing content
Before offering to create fresh content I see if I can use/revise your existing content
I develop fresh content (for existing and new pages)
I develop long as well as short term Content Strategy for your business     
I advice you on different web formats to improve your business
I create content to help you launch a new product or idea
I offer Content Innovation
I answer any question related to your content or strategies I’m using on your site

Single most important motive of any copy is to sell. Web content writing is about communicating with your visitors so effectively that they become interested in buying your products or services after reading your content. How well you present the information depends on your writing skills, or that of the person you hire. You also have to have a clue about the type of content that'll work for your business on the platform that you are planning to use; i.e. website, blog, social media.... etc

When you hire a professional content writer, s/he'll also offer other important advice. Some platforms are good for doing business (eStores, websites, etc), others are good for building and marketing business (blogs, social media). However, people use one or both, and sometimes also one for the other. The best examples are the businesses flourishing on FB.

The point is, the way you present your business on your website or portal is different from how you present it on Social Media. Similarly, the way you communicate with an individual customer via email is very different from the way you communicate with the same person for the same product through your website. These are fine nuances of creating content for the web.

I am a professional web copywriter offering various types of content writing services & offering marketing advice to those who seek. I work with website owners who can't create their own web content, or don't have the time. Besides, web designers and internet marketers also outsource writing jobs of their clients to me. Read in detail about different types of web writing services I offer....

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