Common Web Content Related Questions Answered

Is the content you create 100% original and unique?

Yes, 100% original. When you hire me to write content, be sure that your site will never lose points and votes on account of plagiarism. I'll never lift somebody else's content and charge you for it or taking credit for it in any other way.

As I say this I don't mean to sound morally right. I don't feel any such necessity because I have a perception of my own, I have worked hard to learn the language and acquire the skill, my grip, focus, and research skills are quite fine tuned. Hence copying is ruled out.

I may visit different websites to check out information for the site I am working on, but when it comes to presentation, it will always have a unique take on it. When you hire my services, you can expect something extra to come your way.

How quickly can I deliver the assignment?

Generally completion of work takes on an average more than a week, say around ten days. But it doesn't always hold true. It also depends on the time that the project might take; research, complexities, no. of pages etc. I calculate number of hours and commit a time frame. I meet the deadlines without exception. If you want to honor specific commitments of your client, let me know in advance so that I can fit you in a special schedule.

How about charges?

I charge reasonably and quote for each project individually based on number of hours the project demands. If the topic requires in-depth research, it takes up that much more time and my charges go up. I always work to give excellent value for money to all my clients. Other than that you can count on me for providing top services, meet deadlines, and marketing expertise.

I accept payment via check, Paypal, and wire transfer.

Why should I hire you instead of an advertising agency?

Ad agencies are great to work with. Infact I'm on great terms with them and get quite a lot of work through them; a few are even amongst my close friends. However, by approaching me directly, you’ll be saving quite a bit. Agencies run on high overheads which show in their rates. Sometimes they don’t even have professional web copywriters so they outsource work to freelancers like me and then add their own margins and forward the work to you.

Why should I hire you over others?

I have a long and proven experience of writing on the web. I not only bring professional copywriting skills and insight, but also marketing wisdom and business awareness. I’ve helped many entrepreneurs get results by helping them improve performance of their websites. I can deliver the same benefits to you.

Who are your clients?

I get assignments mainly from two sources; advertising agencies & web site designers - they outsource content writing work of their clients to me; second are the clients I work directly with; like, professional service firms like software and all kinds of service providing companies, real estate agents, manufacturers, government firms etc.

How about deadlines?

I am swift and organized, and therefore deliver job efficiently and timely. Once parameters of your project are decided, I will commit a completion date. I expect you to tell me about deadlines if you have any, in which case I’ll do everything possible to create room for such circumstances.

Will you be able to do justice to my business of which you have no personal experience?

Sure. It may take me a while to understand various aspects of your business, its terminology, and your industry; but considering my interest, experience, and expertise in research, I don’t see that as a tough task. Apart from that, whatever be the field of your business, the marketing principles remain the same. It’s just about adapting them to your specific situation.

Will you help me with editing, if I already have a copy?

Absolutely! Send me the draft you have. I’ll suggest recommendations if any and a quote for my work. If the existing copy is good enough and doesn’t really need major changes, I’ll suggest improvements without charges.

What if I don’t like what you write?

Generally my clients are happy with my first draft; however, a few times when that’s not the case, I rework on it. That’s the thing about developing the first draft; it helps me to understand what precisely you are looking for in the copy. In such cases, the first draft becomes my reference point to create the second draft based on feedback.

Should experience be a consideration while hiring content writer?

Yes. The skills, techniques, and flair that content writer has crafted with practice and experience can easily outperform a knowledgeable individual who can write but lacks the experience of writing for the online audience.

An experienced content writer can do better justice to the work, by writing a convincing copy that will click with the audience, also, s/he is better equipped to identify lacunae in existing web text, fix it, & drive home the point to get results for the client.

Experience teaches content writers what to write and what not to, use of appropriate language, depending on industry and geographic location, and so on. The insight these content developers have into client's psyche helps them to create content that will make a difference in the site's search engine ranking & Click through Rate.

For questions you need answers to, do write in to me.

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