Hire My Services as an Organic Web Content Writer

Besides content for your site/blog, you can also hire me to create Social Media Profile, email Marketing Campaign, Newsletter, Welcome, Thank you & Subscription Letters.

If you're looking for a web content writer who can develop content for your website in keeping with search engine guidelines and within a committed time frame, I can help.

Over 8 years of work, I've covered a range of subjects, from Health to Hospitality & Forex to Fashion. View column on your right to know more about the types of writing assignments I undertake.

To discuss your requirements, please get in touch via email, phone, chat... as convenient.

My Postal Address is : 4th Floor, Neelkamal House,
Plot No. 85, Gandhi Nagar, Nagpur -440010, India
Phone: Landline - (0712) 2246507
Mobile: +91 96650 21812
Website URL - www.organic-seo-content.com
Email Id: info@organic-seo-content.com
Skype: purva.iyengar2

If you hire me to write content for your website, it will include the following services:

Content Strategy: Besides content I also help entrepreneurs to build content strategy.

Site Analyses: I shall also analyze the blog and site for which I am being hired to write content, to help the owners understand what's wrong with existing content, explain steps to overcome problems and how the exercise will benefit their business.

Write Fresh Content and Rewrite Existing Content: Whether I am hired to create fresh content or re-write existing content for websites/blogs; or work on e-mail marketing campaign, marketing articles; content I develop will always adhere to SE guidelines, be original, organic, and free of any kind of grammatical or composition errors.

Keyword Research: Ahead of creating content, I'll also help you to identify keywordss or phrases if you like.

Can Assist With Designing of Website: If the client wishes, I can help with their web design in terms of ensuring SEO compatibility, navigation etc. While carrying this out I make sure that I do not interfere with the designer's concepts and ideas.

Work Directly With Clients As Well As Web Designers: I am open to working with clients directly as well as with web designers.

Alter, Revise, Edit Content Free of Cost: If you need changes to be incorporated in content created by me I do it until the time that you are 100% satisfied with what you have. I do it even after a few days without charging you anything extra. But if you want me to write the same thing again on a fresh, different briefing it will come for a cost.

Other than that I am easy to work with, dependable, know my job, have a perception of my own, experience has been a great teacher and has taught me more than any tutorial or newsletter has. With that said I am attached to some of the best online forums in my niche which help me to maintain the quality of my work.

I Keep My Skills & Knowledge Up-to-date: With that said, I do visit my favourite writers and marketers' site all for they always have something new and exciting to share.I believe that the moment I will stop learning new things I will stop growing. And under no circumstances I can allow the zing and quality to slip, its my survival mantra.

Contact me: You can get in touch with me with a brief introduction to what is it that you need from me. I will revert as soon as I can.

I wish you all the very best with your website and venture. May it grow & may you profit.

With that it’s time to wind up. Be happy, be safe, be at peace, stay healthy. Don't lose friends, breathe easy, crib less, don't be in a hurry, live life one day at a time......get in touch.

You can send me an email with your requirements. I will revert at the earliest. If you want to discuss about your existing content, you can write to me. The discussion may give you an insight into what could be wrong with your site, and how you can sort it out. Conversations are free!


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