Business Communication & Other Content Writing Services

As a web content writer I offer many type of writing services. Most people want content written (afresh or re-write) for their blogs & sites; or article marketing campaigns.

Lots of times they also want to know why their websites are not performing well, in spite of so much money and energy having gone into it. For this I offer Content Analysis services.

However, sometimes clients also want to get things written that are slightly different from the above. Since I am familiar with the basic craft, I comply. I also do the following:

LinkedIn Profile: The first link that appears when someone types your name in the search engine is your LinkedIn profile. If your first impression is good, chances of your success are brighter.

Direct Mailers: They are an effective communication tool for small, medium, and big businesses alike. People look forward to mailers and read them, provided the impression is that they always offer interesting worthwhile information.

Catalogue Writing: Businesses that require catalogues, should make them interesting. Catalogue are not given a status beyond literature, which is not fair. If you keep a few things in mind while creating your catalogue it can generate direct leads or even sales for you.

E-mail Marketing Campaign: If you want to generate leads for your business via email marketing campaign, you can read how it is created and whether it will work for your business.

  • Advertisement copy writing
  • Newsletters
  • Sales Copy
  • Business Communication
  • EBook writing
  • Interviews

They all follow a unique system of writing; however the bottom line everywhere is the same; every writing should bring in sales, add value to the brand & profit to the balance sheet.

I have worked on various types of writing assignments for a wide range of industries from fashion, education, travel, real estate, hospitality, to cosmetology & trading worldwide.

Besides being familiar with the basic etiquette of communicating on the net, I also have a perception about how people in different countries expect their content to read, whether it a web page, sales letter, or interviews of their favorite celebrity.

For discussing any of the above or any new proposition in detail, send in an email…

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