Email Marketing - An Effective Lead Generating Internet Marketing Strategy

Email campaigns are for those entrepreneurs who want to reach out to their potential audience via internet. To generate leads, there is nothing as effective as a well timed email. You can use this strategy independently or as a part of larger marketing strategy. Either way, it is works.

You may be selling a product, service, magazine subscription, or holding a discount sale in your store. If your email reaches your target audiences' mailbox on time with accurate information, it will not only be read, but also fetch you new leads.

A campaign is a series of emails that tells a story. You can address any type of audience through it - B2B or B2C. It improves reputation of your business as well as brand recall. Every email consolidates your position in the mind of your subscriber or customer, and builds your image online.

Email marketing campaigns are very effective as they can easily outnumber the leads other media such as print & online advertising, radio ad, fax, podcast, mobile marketing etc can generate for you. Besides email marketing, other good options are direct mails and catalogue.

It is often believed that direct mailers aren't read and go straight into dustbins, similarly email marketing campaigns are also believed to have low `open' rate. But if your email campaign serves needs of your audience, and is timed well, it is bound to generate leads.

Though an email campaign may not change your fortune or image overnight, if well planned it can definitely influence your Click Through Rate and revenue.

Your email should be brief, in first person, within 500 words or less; and your commitment/ promise should reflect honesty.

It should neither sound too trite nor over the top. It should be along the lines that the reader is comfortable with. If your email is packed with information, it won't slow down reader's momentum. On the contrary he'll want to know what's coming next. Another feature of a good email is that your links and core message show above the folder.

Should your email marketing campaign use HTML format or plain text format? When recipient is more used to getting text and image is not important, non-HTML format will do. But when your recipient is used to html, or you are working on building a brand, and visual display of a product is important, image may impact its CTR, in that situation it is worthwhile to use HTML format. If you use images in your email, they should be optimized.

Some email marketers also create two set of emails using different formats and send it to two different set of audience to test effectiveness of each one.

A good email campaign or an email by itself contains the right mix of news, benefit, promise, and customer testimonials. These elements trigger human emotions. A perfect email closes with a promise that persuades recipients to take action.

If you have a product or a service that you'd like to market to your targeted customers, let's discuss if an email campaign will be a good idea. Call me on 9665021812 OR send an email.

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