A Well Timed Direct Mail Campaign Hits The Bull's Eye

There is no better way to communicate with your clients than talking to them directly

A well drafted Direct Mailer can work wonders for your product and response. It's wrong to assume that mailers are no good in modern context where pace & mode of communication has changed so drastically.

The pace has changed indeed, all of us are in a perpetual hurry, and we have access to more information than we can deal with. All this withstanding, the human nature has not changed. News and information that interests us does find its way into our lives and inbox. Doesn't it? This means if message in the mailer caters to our need, go through it.

Similarly a direct mailer starts a dialogue with the prospect through its envelope. If message on the envelope contains something of recipient's interest, he is bound to open and read it.

This clearly indicates that if mailer has been created with a well defined target audience in mind, if it shares worthwhile information, and addresses the customer's needs directly, the recipient won't throw it into the dustbin.

While creating mailers, the art of writing is secondary, what works is that you are able to create a place for your product in the mind of your potential customers

Hence proved, Dustbin Theory does not hold true for well written mailers.

If you want to try a direct mail campaign, do write in; we can come up with some exciting and innovative ideas to promote your business.

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