What Type of Headline Will Work For You?

If you ask me to answer that question in one sentence, it would be, a headline should convey benefit. Other than that an effective headline is one that attracts your target customer's attention and compels her/him to read the body content as it could benefit him.

Depending on what the website is about and the profile of its niche customers, headlines are created. However the headlines should always be created keeping the reader in mind.There are different types of headlines that go with different types of websites.

Straight & Direct Headline: This headline is generally simple and straight conveyed at its face value. There are no hidden indirect meanings. Example, "Flat 20% Discount on Kids Wear"

Roundabout or Indirect Headline: These headlines use phrases or words that act like teasers, or have double meaning, and to find the answers reader is tempted to read the body copy. Example, How to Get the Site Back on the Customer's Radar?

Testimonial Headline: These make for effective headlines and come with recommendation attached. They convey trust & confidence that users have shown in the product. Examples of these headlines include various Celebrity Endorsements happening around.

Problem or Question Headline: These headlines follow a question format and tell the reader that by going through the body content they are most likely to find a solution, an answer.

How to Headline: These are most common, safest and most effective ways to create a headline. They generally manage to raise curiosity amongst it readers and get read if t manages to get found by its niche audience.

News Headline: The name tells it all. It's about creating a headline to convey or announce something newsworthy related to the product or service you deal in. Like Brand New Features, Improved Product Version, New Branch of the store started in another locality, town, state, new dealership or certification acquired, and so on.

Instructions or Command Headline: These headlines tell people what to do or what they are expected to do post reading. Subscribe to Newsletter, Download EBook, Send Donation, etc.

Motivational or Reason Headline: These headlines convey stimulus or motivate visitor to read body content. These headlines may not use the word reasons directly but the body content conveys the same. Example – Parents Actions That Convey Wrong Message to Kids.

Once you understand the subtle connection (and the difference) between different types of headlines discussed above you can mix them cleverly to optimize their impact on your customers. If your headline is product centric, make it customer centric. Right away!

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