Web Copywriting Specifics

This page highlights specifics about web copy and how it empowers your business

Web copy is any text that you read when you are on the web.

What you read may look like plain English to you, but special efforts go into creating web copy. It's developed using Search Engine Optimization technique. Such text has many advantages over the regular content.

Web copy created around SE guidelines gets indexed faster, ranks higher, and takes business closer to target audience. Well crafted copy not only drives visitors to your site but also compels them to do business with you.

That is the reason you are so often advised not to take chances with your web copy. It is the most critical link between you and your customer. When you hire a web content specialist, you can depend on her skills and experience. S/he knows how things work on the net; how an online visitor reacts, perceives, and thinks; what triggers them to buy or reject your product tc.

E.g. did you know that your visitor doesn't read your content word to word. S/he simply scans it. An ordinary writer may not be aware of this. This is what sets a web content writer apart.

(According to a recent Reader Usabiliy Survey more than 77% visitors scan the content; picking out bold words and headlines to get information they need. So if you want people to stop and read your content, scan-able text is what each of your web page should have.)

Now you know why communicating with your online audience is not the same as writing for or reading a novel, magazine, or a newspaper. Though both have to do with written words, impeccable grammar, & precise communication; they both cater to very different audience.

Professionally presented content takes your site to a new and wider set of audience; crucial elements are incorporated in your content that enhance its visibility & usability. An ordinary writer may completely ignore these nuances associated with web copywriting.

A skilled online writer understands how search engines work and index your site, and how content can influence spider to rank your site higher and drive more traffic to it.  His/her technical skills and perceptions are also sharp. E.g. when you hire an experienced web copy writer, he'll follow Inverted Pyramid Rule while creating your web copy. Starting with conclusion, & breaking it down as he moves down the page.

A good content writer will never create hyped and boastful copy because he's aware that it can hurt your credibility, his use of keywords and phrases will be subtle, he'll create relevant headlines and sub-headlines; stick to easy to `bullet point format', short sentences & small value packed paragraphs, precise communication, objective language, one idea per paragraph,etc.

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