Hiring a Content Writer? Here's How to Hire The Best ....

Hire a writer with experience, perception, and intelligence

The first thing to do is, identify & short-list content writers from various sources (word of mouth, online, recommended, etc) based on track record, knowledge, and experience. Talk to them and filter based on how your conversation goes. Take feedback from people who've used their services. Based on the overall ratings + your own comfort level & gut feel, hire one.

New Site: If your website/web store is new or under-construction, content writer will assist you in deciding no. of pages your site should have, on-site & off-site content strategy etc.

Existing Site: If you already have a website and have been advised adding or revising content to improve your ranking or traffic, a content writer will create content in keeping with the search engine spiders and human visitors.

Ideally after commitment and approval of budgets and time frames, a content writer will assess SEO compatibility of your web design and suggest rectifications if any. Once one, the next step.

At 2nd stage, the content writer will ask you questions about your business to get a clear understanding of your industry, and business goals. The more precise your answers are, better the output. I've written my most effective copy for clients who knew why they were here and where they wanted to be.

Stage 3, content writer sends you a report that has your site's present status, wire frame of his action plan, tentative outcome of his action, the cost, and time-frame within which he will complete the project. If you agree, sign him/her.

This is the time to get all the doubts off your mind regarding, compatibility between the two of you, work deadlines, cost & payment terms, future plans, results, expectations etc.

Since it's a business plan and not a birthday plan, a writer doesn't leave anything to surprise or the last moment. You will know what's coming. S/he'll keep you in loop at every step, answer your questions, and understand your needs. In return he'll expect you to not be overbearing & trust his craft.


Before contacting content writer, contact your web designer and find out if your web design is SEO compatible or not. If your site is under construction, tell your designer you want the site to be SEO compatible.

Secondly, keep a blue print of your business plan ready in your mind, so that you can explain everything clearly. A good content writer will take you on an interesting cruise explaining how internet works and help you narrow down your objective to get you closer to business goals.

Three, don't get stressed or eager thinking you have to answer his questions. It's HIS job.

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