Hiring a Web Content Writer; Cost vis-à-vis Advantages

Let's discuss how good content can help your business; why charges vary so much, and things to keep in mind while hiring a web content writer

Hiring a web content writer is a TASK. You got to be clear about the kind of web content you're looking for, evaluate the caliber of the person you're hiring, and run your main business.

"Do I Require a Web Content Writer? After all My Site Has Just a Few Pages"

I often get mails from people, asking if they should consider hiring a content writer. A question I can't answer for them so I tell them, "depends on where you want to take your business. If you want your website to work for you and drive business, it's better that you approach the issue seriously."

"Why Do Content Writing Charges Vary So Much?"

However, when some serious buyers of content writing services write to me, bewildered with the horrendous difference in the fee that they see freelancers charging, I understand.

Well, that's the way market works. Writers in demand ask for big money. Be it for direct mail packages, landing pages, or other medium to large projects. Their popularity comes from success; so price tags and schedules, both are tight.

On the other hand you have writers charging so low that you get confused and can't decide whom to trust! You will find low cost writers quoting $5-50 for creating content for a landing page, website content, marketing articles etc.

If you dig deeper and visit the bidding sites there are chances that you'll find writers who'll give you a web page even for $7. It's for you to judge how good they might or might not be.

What Should You Do?

So which option should you choose? A writer who demands high price or who sells his services cheap? It is up to you, your business, how you view your goals, and your budget.

If you are on a shoe-string budget; have neither the time, nor inclination, or regard for good copy then you can hire the cheapest copywriter available. I mean, if you think it's something anybody can do, you might as well hire a low cost writer and let him write for you.

However if you would like your web-copy to get concrete marketing results like, improved click-through rate, web traffic, conversion, leads, sales, etc, a cheap writer may not be your answer.

Getting results is about skilled writing. If you've hired low-cost copywriters in the past, you know what I am talking about.

If you expect your web copy, i.e. email, content on your website or blog, or marketing campaign to drive business and recognition your way, you should consider employing an experienced and knowledgeable writer with a proven track record to create high ROI copy and cost effective campaigns and of course who falls within your budget!

How to Hire & Why Professionally Created Content is More Likely to Work For You?

The best way to hire a writer is to first short-list a few based on their credentials, track record, and experience. Write to all of them. Their quality of response will speak for them. Freeze on the one who displays good amount of practical knowledge and you feel comfortable with.

You should remember that a strongly crafted copy is an investment. So never hire in a hurry. Think what's it that you're looking for in your web copy, "grammatically correct content strung together" or strong, hard-hitting copy that drives traffic, recommendations, & conversions?

Identify your needs in advance. Would you need the communications specialist only to write web content for you or would you like to get a few other things written too like a welcome email for your first time visitors, email marketing campaign, etc.

If you have questions or want to discuss this in detail, feel free to write to me.

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