How to Choose Your Web Content Writer

While you may be clear about what you want out of your web content writer, it'll be good if you also trust his talent and give his experience and perceptions a chance.

If you're looking for a web content writer for your site or blog, or to work on your marketing campaign.. there are few simple points to keep in mind.

The writer should preferably have relevant experience and know the craft of writing for an online audience. The best way to find out about his credentials is by reading testimonials on his site, or platforms where he's rendered services. What do the clients have to say about the quality of his work and commitment? Is he a quick responder? Is s/he flexible, fast on the up-take? etc.

Choose a Good Listener: Second thing is that you should feel comfortable communicating with the web content writer you are planning to hire. Some guys we meet throw us off our handle. You can't hire someone you are intimidated with. Choose someone you can identify with, who listens to you and tries to understand your thought process instead of hijacking it.

Expect Regular Communication: There is nothing more relieving than a timely response. Someone who keeps you in loop and updated on the work front is a quality of a professional service provider.

Clarity in Communication: Charity begins at home. His talent will reflect in the way he communicates with you. His communication needn't have bells and whistles, or buzzwords, lingo, & marketing talk. You and your customer can easily do without all that.What you need is clarity of communication as he converses.

Does he Show Signs of Shying Away From His Responsiblity? A good content writer feels accountable for the work he executes on your site. S/he considers him/herself answerable for every initiative taken. A professional content writer will explain logics and outcome of every change he suggests on your site. You can ask any questions you want about the work he is doing on your site, and he is supposed to show patience and answer them for you.

Possessive About His Reputation: An experienced writer knows that recommendations from a happy & satisfied client can drive business that no amount of marketing can. A good content writer considers fair pricing, respect for your time, money, and trust as part of his work and investment strategy.

A Professional Content Writer Will Never Surprise You With Hidden Costs: If you've chosen the right person, rest assured that his charges will be fair and uniform. As I say this, I also want to reiterate the fact that it's not always possible for a writer to arrive at a fixed price for the nature of work we do, but a professional web writer will never overcharge or make you feel short-changed, or go back on the commitment, post commencement of work.

Long-Term Contracts are Almost Passé: Over the years I've experienced that clients don't like being locked into something they aren't comfortable with, long term writing contract being one of them. As a result they are willing to accept short term or one time writing assignments based on the need of the client. However it is possible that the client may need other type of content (marketing campaign, newsletter etc) for business in future for which he can get into a fresh contract with the same writer again.

A good writer has a clearly laid out cancellation policy in place. If people want to cancel contract mid-way they can do so by solving the financial and work related issue amicably. Personally, if my clients want to cancel the assignment midway but would like to use the work I have already done for them, we mutually agree on the amount; and I return the balance.

These are the things a quality content writer offers. In reciprocation he will expect you to be reasonable and hear her/him out as and when required, and trust him/her instincts. Again, personally I believe that arguments and over stretched negotiations create a negative energy, adversely impacting the final work.

A good writer is also open to changing drafts as many times as required or until he has succeeded in giving your website the feel and tone you and your customers have been looking for.

For any type of web content requirements or doubts, feel most free to get in touch with me.

How to weigh the cost of hiring a web content writer

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