Whether or not the web design is SEO compliant?

We have checked two angles so far, the design appeal and trustworthiness of your site. Next crucial questions to get an answer to is if the site is designed keeping search engine guidelines in mind or not.

This is the reason why so much importance is laid on choosing the right web designer to design your site. The most important question to ask before hiring a web designer is to know whether the designs s/he creates are SEO compliant or not. The answer you should be looking for is "yes". Nothing less.

If your site is not designed keeping SEO guidelines at the forefront, its chances of being indexed and ranked by spiders are bleak. Whatever be the amount of time, money, and effort you have put into it. People don't understand it and start the blame game and finally get disheartened, feel cheated and start treating the site as just lying around, doing nothing.

E.g. using too much of Flash or Frames may work against your site because spider won't be able to index, interpret or weigh it. Similarly broken links also be a hurdle.

The best way to ensure that your site is SEO friendly is to make it W3C Compliant. Work with a designer who is familiar with W3C standards. It may also require you to learn a few new lessons, but be prepared, for its good for your business.

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