Is Your Site Marketed Properly?

You think you have left no stone unturned to improve the performance of your site. You got your site designed, written, and optimized by a professional, everything looks in place, spiders are paying a regular visit but it's still not getting found by visitors.

Well you've almost arrived. Your site needs some marketing to get the word around. Some of you may remind me that in my previous lesson I said Optimization is the best and most organic way to market a site" what happened to that? Well I still stand by it, but you might have thousands of competitors out there and they all must have optimized their sites as cautiously as you did. Marketing will give you the edge that will help you get and stay ahead of your competitors.

The good thing about a marketing plan is it's comparatively simpler and can be partly handled by you. If a professional internet marketer agrees and thinks you can do it, he will make a strategy, implement it to begin with then explain and leave it for you to take it forward. You may still require his services on and off to see if things are working in your favor or need some fine-tuning.

Your control panel gives you a complete and real picture about the strategies you have implemented from designing to marketing stage and whether they are bearing any fruits or not? Based on the statistics you can tweak or improve your site to make it more worthy of visitor's trust and winning his confidence.


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