Does Your Web Design Put Off or Attract Visitors?

For those of you who are wondering as to what is a web designing article doing on content writer's website, my answer is that, design creates positive ambiance & improves the chances of your content reaching further and getting read. its well known that bad packaging hurts.

How do you know if your design is good? Well, if the client starts reading the content, it means he is happy with the rest of the look. Simple.

Let's dig a little deeper, if the navigation suits visitor's sensibilities and temperament, if the colur scheme pleases his eyes, if the web architecture goes down well with him, etc, he will stay.

Examples of some common put offs include excessive use of colors or blinking links, even too many pop ups or moving images may also prove to be a distraction, and due to these factors the visitor may decide to leave your site within seconds of having arrived.

You have to understand one thing, that when a visitor arrives on your site he is thinking something - the overall feel and look of the site should take that thought forward instead of breaking it. It's also important that your design is in sync with the subject of your site.

Once the visitor clicks on the link and arrives on your site, it is all up to you to hold him. If he leaves without taking any action, something somewhere is seriously out of tune.

One of the reasons could be that something is not right about the way the site is designed. Show it to friends, professionals, clients, discuss in forums, get to the root of the problem and sort it out.

Would you like me have a look at your design? It doesn't cost a dime or harm...

Next in line is to understand whether or not your Site Conveys Trust.....?


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