Does Your Site Look Worthy of Trust ?

Now that we have looked into the designing issue and sorted it out, we shall focus on the next hurdle. We know the problem lies elsewhere. But where?

May be your site does not give the right vibrations

The visitor does not feel like exploring the rest of the site beyond a sentence of two

The feeling of comfort is missing.

All the above factors discourage the visitor to spend time on your site. And THIS is the first reason that works against trust building.

Content or lack of it is the main area of concern in such cases.

The site may be too small in size, with not enough pages, or little content.

The `under-construction' feel, `coming soon' or blank pages, also work against you.

The loud content or even extra large `on the face' font size is a bad idea.

Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, unedited content, messes up website's reputation.

They do not only putt off the visitor but also spiders.

This has an adverse impact on ranking and conversions - and worst of all, trust.

Ensure that the visitor on arriving on your site finds the answers he came looking for.

The content should convey that you are an authority in the subject & know your business.

The content should never give `too good to be true' feeling to the visitor.

Making false promises, tall claims, showing unachievable dreams is not how trust is built.

Important pages like About, FAQ, product or service info, how you work, testimonials of people who do business with you etc, etc should be easy to find. All this put together builds trust. Even if he does not take action or buy from you this time, there are chances that he will come around.

Next is to understand whether or not your Site is SEO Compliant.....

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