You Get Visitors On The Site But They Don't Buy

Is that where your site is stuck?

You do not generate any business inquiries from your site. Is that what your problem is?

You've spent money as well as time but if you are still not getting results, sorry, but probably you hired a content writer who couldn't deliver.

The fourth and last problem exceeds every other discussed above. Your site is getting indexed regularly, visitor flow is encouraging, and on the rise, time spent by visitors on the site is also not bad. However the visitors are not taking action, they are not buying your product, not requesting a quote or subscribing to newsletter, not willing to join your group, or become your member, and aren't contacting you over business.

More than 90% of this problem is caused because of the quality of content that flows on your site. It may either not be aspiring and convincing to build rapport with the client, or win his trust, may be failing to give an impression that you know your business and mean it. It doesn't impress upon the fact that you will deliver what you promise.

Or may be you have over-promised, may be your about-us page is not helping you to build trust with your visitor, same with the Testimonia. May be the tone and language you use in your writing is something your audience is not used to.

When your visitor fails to take an action at this stage, the best thing to do is to show your content to a professional content writer and tell him to analyze it without wasting time.

It means a lot that you are getting visitors who are spending time on your site. It means your designing, SEO, and marketing strategies are right and giving you results. If you can't capitalize on them, the whole exercise of renders useless.

Take it up before competition gets ahead of you and all the money you've spent can make sense. Get in touch with a genuine content developer who will analyse your content, you can find people who are offering this service free of cost, go and check them out, if you are convinced with their point of view you can take things forward.

You can write to me with a brief description of what you are looking for, if I can I will try to reply within 48 hours.

Wishing you all the very best.

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