Your Site Receives Visitors But They Disappear Quickly

Is that Where Your Site Stuck? It gets Indexed & Visitors, But They Leave At Once

This brings us to the third problem. Your website gets visitors but they don't stay for too long, not beyond a few seconds (this data can be procured from control panel that your host will provide you or by getting a free account in Google Analytics).

Visirors leave quickly for two reasons. They are not happy with your site's layout/design, or (ii) content fails to weave its magic and can't hold them.

The more time a visitor spends on your site, the better he knows you, the more he knows you, the more he trust you, & this impacts his chances of doing business with you hugely.

Web copy is not as often rejected for its length, as it is because it’s boring. So never worry about content length particularly. Ensure it does not sound boring at any point.

So many people I know, and have worked for, copy same content on their websites that I have created for their brochure. To save a few dollars. They don't want to understand that brochure and website are two different medium, and you need to adjust pitch and tone to address the same reader on two different platforms. What his creates is - disappointed visitors.

As an online entrepreneur you also need to know that people online are looking for answers and solutions. If you fail to provide top quality information to your visitor in the tone that he is used to, you might as well not be there.

Then find out if the problem is plagiarism? Have you dared to lift or copy content from another site and published it as your own? If you have, go and replace it with fresh original content before spider notices and flags your site for good. Go, right now. Yuu can finish reading this later. Yes, its THAAAT important and RISKY.

Does the content sound relevant and convincing? Is it proofread, edited, formatted properly? Does it adhere to search engine guidelines? Is it optimized?

Take it to a web content writer and ask for his opinion, seek help if need be. He will tell you how to get things sorted which will not only start a fresh flow of visitors but even ensure that the existing visitors will also find enough reasons to re-visit.

He will identify relevant keywords and phrases that your targeted customer is actually typing online to find your products or services. He will create content revolving around them that will drive traffic your way. Besides helping you create content for basic pages like home, about, and services, he will also provide short, medium, and long term content strategy for your site.

Content writer will help you build articles & post for visitors that will not only answer their questions but will also build rapport and confidence with them.

If you incorporate these on your site, chances of people staying longer on your site will improve in a big way. That will bring us to the last problem that they hang around on my site but finally leave without buying or subscribing to my newsletter. Is there a solution for this?

Read The Concluding Post to Know How You Can Convert Visitors into Buyers

You Are Through Reading the First Stage Problem where The Site Faces Indexing Problem

Second Stage Dealt With a problem Where the Site Received No Visitors

Currently we are on 3rd Post, Discussing Why Visitors Don't Enjoy Spending Time on Our Site

If you think there is a problem with your site because of which you are not receiving any queries or niche traffic, you can talk to me. I will have a look at your website and tell you where the problem is for you to sort it out yourself. Conversations are absolutely FREE over here.

However if you want me to do a professional & detailed website analyses for you, that can also be arranged. Let me know. send a mail. Or call me. My phone number is right at the top of the page.

Good luck!



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