Check Out If Your Content Is Working For You Or Not

On reaching your site does the visitor say, "Hey! This is What I Was Looking For!"?

If your answer is yes, it means your website is driving good revenue your way.

It is important that content on your website sounds convincing, and goes down well with your targeted customers. If it doesn't no matter how effective your marketing campaign is or how many hits your website receives, you won't find many people interested in doing business with you.

Too many people leaving your site too quickly isn't good for your business and reputation. Answer the following basic questions. They'll give you an idea as to where you stand and how you can improve. Choose any page from your site and answer the following:

(i) Does the headline convey a BENEFIT to the customer?

(ii) Do the first fifty words on your web page explain your site's purpose?

(iii) Is content broken down into small, tightly weaved paras & short sentences?

(iv) Does each para convey one idea / benefit?

(v) Have Action Buttons?

(vi) Visitors generally don't go beyond 7 points. Limit your list to 6

(vii) Is your webpage free of mistakes? They're worst kind of turnoffs!

Let me explain a bit about (iv). The word Action used here is not limited to Buy, or Ask for Quote buttons. It could also mean, Subscribe, Register as member, Write to the Author or Blog Owner, Comment, Ask questions, Click and so on and so forth.

If your content reads well, with other things in sync you're bound to succeed.

However, if your content is not up to the mark, it's still good news, because you at least know where is the scope to improve. Re-invent yourself and the page. For any help, write to me.

To improve your chances of getting read, and reader feeling more comfortable connecting with you, ensure that the entire site, all pages follow the same basic structure. That headline is created with the user benefit in mind and rest of the copy is 100% free of mistakes of any kind.

Purpose of your website is clearly explained at the beginning of each web page. Each para is short and there is no clash or clutter of ideas. They are clearly laid out one at a time, concluded by an Action Button to guide the visitor as to what should he do next.

I hope your answers and the above explanation will give you an insight into shortcomings of your web content and helps you to understand and improve it accordingly.

All the best!

For help, write or call me. You can connect with me on Facebook if you are a social media fan.

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