The First Fifty Words On Your Webpage

The first fifty words on a webpage are considered extremely critical for success of a business. In this post we will learn how to create the most effective and powerful first fifty words on web page.

Pick any page from your site or blog open in front of you which you consider important for your business. Now read the first 50 words, which may include the headline & bit of the opening paragraph.

Research suggests that out of ten visitors, 8 will read the headline, but only two will go beyond it. How do the first fifty words of your webpage read? Will they compel the reader to go further?

Good Headline - Bad Body Copy vs. Bad Headline - Good Body Copy

If headline is attractive but rest of the content fails to meet the expectations, message will fall flat. And if the body copy conveys the message effectively but the headline fails to impress the visitor, then again it means nothing.

Once you finish creating a headline, you are on your way to creating the opening paragraph. Understand that your headline has already created an expectation. So offer your visitor the obvious, what he came looking for, what your headline promised. Give it neatly packed and clearly defined. When the first few sentences will provide answers the visitor came looking for, he will begin to place his trust in you.

If creating these 50 words demands more than half of your time that you'd spend creating rest of the content for the page, the effort is still worth the time.

The best approach to creating a headline and then first few opening sentences is by ensuring that they contain following elements:

The words are focused

They sound believable

They create a sense of urgency

Convey a Benefits or Solutions that are really Unique

Create a strong urge in the visitor to take action, click on the link

Contain a component that instantly invokes support from your visitor

Ask yourself whether adding proposed transaction can improve its holding power?


If you can work within the above framework, you will be able to create excellent and spectacular headline and opening sentences of the webpage, which will compel visitors to read the rest of the content.

The other two advantages are, one - you will become popular and widely read writer, and number two, your business will shine.

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