How to evaluate a Website?

The first set of questions revolved around How Well Do You Know Your Own Website

Second question dealt with whether your site has an Appealing Web Design or not

Third we discussed about how to make the Site or Blog Appear Trustworthy

Fourth we discussed as to how to make your website SEO Compliant ...

Next, we learnt about effectively Optimizing Your Websites for search engines

Lastly we discussed various aspects of Marketing Your Site On the Net

After getting answers to the second set of questions you might have got an idea as to where or what could possibly be wrong or right with your site. Whether it is the design that is flawed, or the SEO strategy, or quality of content, Or poor marketing plan? Once you can put your finger on it, you can improve it.

While you read the rest of the article, open your site in another browser. We will check various aspects in real time.

There are four basic factors that impact success of any business. They are - Design, SEO, Content, and C-Panel data. By explaining all four here, I am hoping that your own understanding will help you to look at your site more objectively, and get your hands on the problems without anybody having to tell you of them.

Web Design: A design that will aspire your client/visitor to do business with you is a good design, simple. When people reach your site they should enjoy the experience of spending time on it. The architecture, color scheme, images everything should make your visitor give a feeling that he is at the right place, that he can trust you, and you will guide him well.

Strange, that due to sheer ignorance people argue with the designer over issues like background image or colour, and do not bother about the issues that are more critical to their success. Having understood this, glance at your own site. Can you tell if something is wrong here?

SEO: Merely designing a site will take your business nowhere. SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization is a technique that will breathe life into your blog or site. SEO is implemented on the website from within as well as outside. It has a direct impact on ranking of your website, improving visibility of the site amongst your target audience. Is your site optimized?

Content: It's something that a visitor gets to reads on reaching your site. Based on content he will take a call whether he will do business with you or not. The design looks great, the site is found by the right audience, but what if the audience does not feel like buying from your site?

If the visitor does not feel compelled to buy or do business with you then what's the point? The whole exercise becomes useless,doesn't it? All because your customer could not relate to the content! There are people who don't realize this and insist on writing their own content. They don't see sense that for saving a few hundred dollars they are putting their entire business at risk. Get into your customer's shoes and then read content on your site. Is it aspiring enough? Why don't you check statistics in the Control Panel and see how long do the visitors stay? On which page, etc. It will give you a fair idea about to fix things.

Find out if the SEO you've hired offers content development as part of SEO package. If he does not then you may have to hire an independent professional web content writer to do the job for you.

All the above mentioned services come for a cost. It will cost you money, time, effort, and patience. The ROI could be a hundred times and over, no exaggeration. So don't focus on money. Focus on hiring a professional who can qualify for the job and you can trust.

Control Panel: It gives you a peep into the visitor statistics of your site. It tell you how often is the spider indexing your site, who is visiting your site, time spent on your site, how or from where did the visitor reach, which pages are least/most visited and much more. It's in built, and extremely easy to access. Ask the guy who registered your domain name and hosting space, to give you the user-name and password, and Cpanel link. That's it. It will help you keep a check on how well is the site performing, area of improvement, which pages to promote etc, etc, etc.

If you have not succeeded online, your ignorance could be the biggest cause for it. It's YOUR website, YOU are spending money, to promote YOUR own business, improve YOUR profit, and you dare to leave it all just like that at somebody's mercy?

Re-align your approach, give it another sensible shot and let statistics show the sparks. If you have a website or blog that is not getting you any visitors, or there are visitors but they are not buying, then why don't you let me look at your site and send you a report?

Contact me at for sending you a report.

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