How Much Do You Know about Your Website

Thank you for answering the first set of questions. The answers give an insight into your understanding of the web more than what's wrong with your site. To understand problems about your site we have a few more questions coming, a little later.

Step -II - Narrowing Down on the Problem

We know that website can take our business to the next level and improve its success quotient, but beyond that we don't know much. How to get there, what steps to take, whom to trust, hire....

So like most people we keep it simple too - get a web designer on board, get the site up, feel like winners, and start waiting for orders to flow in. Bit its nowhere to be seen. Nobody told us (or did we pretend, we didn't hear?) that website's success is based on factors other than designing.

This brings us to our next set of questions... if you answer them patiently I promise you'd soon have a solution at hand.

Wwhen you reach the concluding part of this series you will know what's wrong with your site and why it's not performing as you expected. Most important, how can it be fixed. So, here we go...

Website's Performance Related 2nd Set of Questions

To begin with, do you know the following….

Do the visitors find your web-design appealing? Read..Criteria of an Appealing Web Design

Does Your Site Look Worthy of Trust? Read.. what Makes a Site or Blog Appear Trustworthy ?

Is Your Web Design SEO Compliant? Read about SEO Compliant Standards Here....

If the site is optimized for Search Engines? Read About How Optimized Websites help?

If the site is being marketed properly? Read About Internet Marketing Plan Here

As the owner of the website and business you must have answers to the above questions.

Lets get to the concluding chapter and understand it keeping the above mentioned elements. Lets read the four basic elements of a website that can make or break your site



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