My Unique Insights as Web Copywriter

Thanks for stopping by. I've been wanting to create a page to talk to my visitors for quite some time. I thought creating a sequel to my about page would be good. So here we go.

I've been writing web content for about ten years and have worked with clients from everywhere, saat samundar far to the guy next door. Through each new assignment I've tried my best to help my clients to meet their goals, my craft has also undergone immense change. Then, I've encountered situations that have left lessons behind. I want to share some of them here because I strongly feel it will improve our working relationship and output.

Experience No 1: Over years I've faced some very peculiar situations. People who were sceptical about hiring my services, have stayed with me for the longest time; have referred me to their friends & associates. This has happened more than 4 to 5 times.

Clients who reached out to me were happy with my response, my review reports & strategies, questions I asked, my method of working etc. But not with content they saw that I had created for websites of clients. Anyway we worked together and they were happy with what I created for their websites based on their briefing. Later when they told me about their initial hesitation I explained to them that each client I worked with was unique and had his unique demands, and it was my job to work within those parameters and give them optimum results.

It is absolutely possible for two high traffic websites in the same niche, selling nearly the same products to exhude different energies, and draw different client profile. And it is possible that you may not like the sound of either. And yet all those sites draw traffic and sales for their respective owners. Which is important and core responsibility of a content writer. Our job goes beyond creating copy; the copy should help you draw enquiries & conversions.

My suggestion to my clients is that if you're comfortable communicating with me, and feel that I am understading and grasping your business fine, let's take it forward from here. I anyway start small with all my clients, doing a trial mini assignment, and only if your experience is positive, we do the entire assignment. If you decide not hiring my services or holding it for a while, you just pay me for that small assignment and we go our ways on a pleasant note.

Experience No 2: It's extension of my first experience. A copy that impresses or intimidates may not always or necessarily be the best copy. Business of web copywriting survives on its success. Bas itna samajh lo ki a copy that compels your clients do business with you is a good copy. A copy that helps your visitor stay and explore your site further is a good copy. A copy that your target audience can relate to is a good copy. No flowerly language, no over the top conversation....

Experience 3: Follows......

Talk to me or email me. My cell phone number on the top R.H.S. corner of the web page!


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