What Should You Know About Landing Pages

As an online entrepreneur, you might have heard the term Landing Page from your web development company. We will discuss their purpose and anatomy here.

Basics first.

1. A landing page is created with a specific purpose in mind
2. You can create several landing pages for one business website with several objectives
3. They can be linked from other web pages, from Email Campaigns, Direct Mailers
4. Landing page is where you intend your visitors to go when they arrive on your site
5. These are focused pages and stick to 'one topic -one goal - one action' strictly
6. These pages could be actively or aggressively promoted, from within / outside the site

Designing Your Landing Page
While designing your landing page it is important to take various factors into account, like deciding placement of various elements (listed below) on the page, the message you want to convey, your layout and design, how you expect your visitor to react...etc.

Headline & sub-headline: Headline should be placed at the top of the page and should highlight solution that your product offers. Sub-headline is where you explain the benefits of using your products/services in a little more detail. An exaggerated, unbelievable, un-optimized, or ambiguous headline or sub-headline kills response. Sync them with the tone and message with other pages on your website.

Video or Image: It has been observed that images and videos convert better than text alone can. A Video should explain about your product/services and how it can help your target audience. If you are dealing in a product, publishing the actual image is a good idea.

State Benefits: Considering that the attention span of online visitor is short, the benefits should be visible at a glance, explaining the value your product/service will add to their business or lives. Bullet point format or numbering the benefits works best.

Call to Action Button: Create a striking `Call to Action' button; it should stand out from the rest of your content that flows on the page. Something that you yourself feel like clicking on...

Ensure that all the elements listed above appear above the fold. A visitor spends 80% of his time on your site reading stuff that appears on his screen without scrolling. Therefore all the crucial information on your landing page should appear above the fold.

Place Links: On your Landing Page you should not offer too many divergent choices of links or navigation options to your visitors. Landing page is a focused page. Thus by giving options you are defying your own purpose. Instead, place only those links that are relevant and will take your target audience close to buying your product or services.

Information: Next, place important details about your business, if it is possible place an image of the product and describe the features. The content should include the features with benefits. Language should be lucid, something the target audience is used to and can persuade them to take action.

Testimonials: At the bottom of the page place testimonials. They will work better if they're focused rather than being generic. They could be textual or you could even place logos of companies you have rendered your services to. Testimonials build trust.

It is absolutely not a rule that all the above elements have to be there on every landing page. Depending on your business, industry, audience, market - you can add or omit a few. Your content writer will be a better person to advise you.

Finally, Measure Effectiveness Your Landing Page:

While measuring how effective your landing page has turned out, check the quality of anchor text. If they aren't compelling enough, visitors will abandon the page even before landing on it! To overcome this limitation either spin the phrase in part, or in entirety to make it persuasive.

Secondly, if visitor reaches the landing page but quits site from there within a few seconds, is a sign that you need to re-work on content. But if the visitor shifts to another page, it is a good sign and means that he wants to know you better and may become your buyer.

If you'd like to know more about landing pages, want to discuss the possibility of creating a few for your own site or blog, or need help to analyze the effectiveness of your existing landing pages, send an email with link of the page. I will revert as soon as I can.

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