Create Your Own Web Content

This page talks about creating your own content, introducing newbies to various aspects of web content writing. It'll give you an idea as to how your content should sound to fetch you business

To write like a professional writer who's experienced, and trained to connect with your potential customer, you'll also have to learn to convey benefits of your product and build trust with words. You'll have to learn the technique of SE Optimized content writing; which is in sync with current SEO trends. You can start with creating a few pages and see the results. If you're happy (convinced), write more.

I've noticed that people don't think so much about content in the beginning, but when they learn about the kind of power it can add to website's performance, they go for it. The best part is that content can be developed at any stage - when site is new, old, under construction....

Creating content for websites which aren't performing well

If your website, blog or eStore doesn't get any traffic, one reason could be lack of content or its poor quality. If your website gets visitors but they don't take action on your site, meaning, they don't buy your product or subscribe to your newsletter, membership etc. Then, you should try and present your business more effectively to your potential customer.

To improve your chances of success, you should improve your content. Rewrite, edit, create fresh content... whatever it takes. You either write your own content or find a professional to do it. If you hire a professional writer he will analyze your existing content and understand what's wrong with it, what can be done to improve it, how alterations will impact performance....etc based on which he will suggest changes.

The content writer may draw your attention towards mistakes in your existing content and tell you to change or alter it in part of full. Ditto for images, navigation etc. You can take his advice, read up the net...and do what it takes to nourish your business.

Content For New Site:

Another situation is that your site is new & you want content for it. Perfect timing. Reflects on your determination to succeed.

Whoever is writing content for your website should understand how internet works & the dynamics that impact SE, spiders, and user interaction; and should know how to strike a fine balance between the two.

Web Content Could Mean Many Things

Web copy includes creating onsite content (content for web pages, blog posts etc) as well as offsite content (promotional material like articles, sales letters, newsletters, email campaigns, ads). Sites that are content rich enjoy better visibility, traffic, conversions, business, and reputation.

The big question that the web-masters face then is, how to arrange this content? To write your own content or hire a writer for the job?

Your site may be new or old;may belong to industrial, trading, shopping, NGO, Government, fashion, education, or any other category; if your content is poor or plagiarized, success won't be easy. Whereas if it is informative, your ideas and presentation is original and fresh, you'll get noticed much faster.

What Does Content Include:

When you develop content you should remember that web content is not limited to just textual content. Images, audios, & videos are all the other types of content that people are using on their websites these days for conveying information.

What type of content or combination should you go with will depend on your industry, product and type of audience that you are serving. If you have hired a professional writer, s/he will help you work out the most effective combination.

What Purpose Does Content Serve?

Web content writing is more about selling the idea to buy , or building an aspiration value for the product than expecting the buyer to take an action by giving him a straight and direct offer. Good content therefore is all about creating a buying environment for your visitor.

What More Should You Know About Web Content?

Web content should make sense and should be hold your reader's attention.

Length: It can be brief or lengthy depending on the topic and strategy the content writer adopts. E.g. A question answer format will have brief content, where as a traditional post can be lengthy. It should convince visitors as well as the spiders.

Rules: Content should adhere to search engine guidelines. It should be optimized for search engines. Besides choosing relevant key phrases, proper Navigation Strategy & positioning of CTA buttons should be part of basic SEO strategy. These elements will help to create the right environment for the potential buyers to take the next step forward.

Good Content Leads & Guides: An online visitor likes to be guided when he arrives on a website. And Navigation architecture and Call to Action Buttons tell the visitor what to do next. If you can't decide where to position them, talk to your content writer.

Hiring a Content Writer vs. Creating Your Own Content

If you are well versed with the technique of writing for the online audience, you are the best person to create your own content. However if you aren't, or don't have the time for it, you can hire a competent and experienced writer for the job.

Also, there is a midway. You can learn the technique of writing content for the web, & then create your own content. However this option works only for those who have the time, and possess good vocabulary, and good grammatical and composition command over the language in which they want to create content. If they don't its best to settle for a content writer.

Why Should You Insist on Getting Appropriate Content On Your Site?

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